• GeoMarketing

  • The ultimate tools all decision makers are looking for!

    Having a tool that can integrate all inputs flowing in from various organization parts as well as from the market, to serve needs of different stakeholders, has become more important than ever. Having this intelligent tool that can consolidate tremendous data layers to help decision makers make the right decision at the right time, is no longer a choice.


    the keyword for your organization’s future success and expansion

    GeoMarketing is simply the integration of geographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing, including sales and distribution. GeoMarketing research is about using geographical parameters as part of the marketing research methodology, including sampling, data collection, analysis and presentation. (For example finding the best geographical locations to open new branches for your business, based on traffic, demographics, historical business insights and more).

    GeoMarketing services are related to routing, territorial planning and site selection where the location is the key factor for such disciplines.

    ADHOC  uniquely provides all related factors and parameters needed  for a fully fledged GeoMarketing services portfolio under one umbrella, a one-stop-shop, which imposes more control over its quality of services.